About Us

Or rather: Why should you come to us?
If You already know us, you know the answer,
so just:

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You haven’t been at our restaurant yet?
In that case maybe you are asking yourself:
Why you should (and absolutely must!!!) prefer our italian restaurant Vino e Sapori to everybody elses?
Now I should say that our italian recepies are just amazing, that we have a good wines (romanian & Italian), that we will treat you as a king (or a queen) and all the other things that you have already heard (and read).
Instead of all that I must say to you:
Be aware!
We have a licence to cause pleasure (culinary, of course:) and we use it without restraint.
You are kindly asked to come ONLY if you can deal with so much pleasure…
And when we do the right wine & food matching…
Well, It could realy be overwhelming J
If you have a courage to come (I challenge you!!!) you can reserve your table by

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Are you with the car?
We have a really good wines, but, if you just can’t leave your „horses” at home,
there is a toll parking just 20 mt away.
Feel welcome to Restaurant Vino e Sapori!!!
P.S. You don’t know how to find us?
You can find HERE a street map.
Would you like to see the meniu ==> Click HERE.
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