For a special evening – Wine sampling (wine & food matching)

For a different evening, for a birthday, for an anniversary, or if you want a special evening with your loved ones!
We have prepared two menus where excellent wine and tailor-made food are the main protagonists for a total pampering of your taste buds.
In our opinion, no wine is complete without the right dish,
and when you will taste the combination between wine and dishes suitable for that wine,
we are convinced that you will agree.

We wish you a memorable Italian Experience.
The menus are recommended for groups of 10 people.
If the next two menus aren’t exactly what you want,
we can “tailor” a menu just for you.

1) Wine-Sampling Sapori

Excelent wines from two areas of Italy (Veneto and Tuscany) from excellent wineries.
A bottle of 750 ml will be opened of each wine and divided into 10 people.
– 1 bt. Prosecco di Valdobiadene DOCG extra dry M. 2018 11.5% alc.vol
– 1bt. Sauvignon del Friuli DOC 2017 12.5% ​​alc.vol
-1 bt. Bianco del Camul 2016 Chardonay 13% alc.vol
-1bt. Chianti Superiore Banfi DOCG 13.5% alc.vol
-1bt. Rossso del Conte organic wine Cabernet Sauvignon DOC 13.5% alc.vol
-1bt. Brunello di Montalcino Caparzo 14.5% alc.vol
-1 bt. Water 750 ml


-Pancakes filled with Spek and smoked cheese
-Pecorino Sardo
-Raw ham
-Homemade croutons
-Fresh spaghetti with Parmesan cheese sauce (130 gr)
-Pork tenderloin with green pepper sauce and baked potatoes (150/200 gr)
Price for wine-sampling menu Sapori is 180 lei/person for 10 persons.

Wine – Sampling Premium

Wine Tasting that will take you on a journey through the most beautiful regions of Italy (Veneto; Tuscany; Salento)

 A bottle of 750 ml will be opened from each wine and divided into 10 people.

 The exception is sweet wine which due to the alcohol content is served at 40 ml.

 For this menu, I would not advise more wines because all wines have an important alcohol content and are all structured and important.


 -1st. Spumante Brut Camul 12.5% ​​alc.vol (sparkling by the Charmat method, after the “press of foam” – rested on its own yeast for 14 months)

 -1st.Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2016 14% alc.vol DOCG (reserve, organic wine)

 -1st.Primitivo di Salento PGI 2017 Tomaresca (Antinori) 14.5% alc.vol (wine made according to high Antinori winery standards)

 -1st. Amarone della Valpolicella Santa Sofia DOCG 15% alc.vol (excellent in wine)

 – VinSanto del Chianti, Quaranta Altari 2009, Frescobaldi (dessert wine) 16.5% alc.vol

 with Cantucci Toscani – home made (very old Tuscan tradition in which biscuits are taken at the end of the meal – cantucci; and soaked in sweet wine)


Pecorino Sardo cheese, leek tart
Raw ham; Parmigiano
Homemade tagliatelle with wild boar sauce (130 gr)
Grilled beef and baked potatoes (150/150 gr)
Cantucci (traditional Tuscan almond biscuits)


The price of the Premium menu is 220 lei / person for 10 people
If I can help you with additional information or you want to book an evening to enjoy such an experience, you can find our contact details  HERE


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