In Vino Veritas!

In a universe that captures attention through its excellence and all the mysteries that still hides and reveals them to those who are willing to be enchanted by new experiences.
Experiences of flavors and tastes that always seem renewed and never passed.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have had the opportunity to enjoy the “nectar of the gods” because it seems that every time you find something new.
A touch, an aroma from time to time and a memory that seems new to you, even though you know it has always been there.
And it doesn’t matter if it’s your first experience or among the firsts.
There is always room for new “followers”.
Someone who seeks beauty through flavors and tastes, who are part of the beauty of life itself.
I would like to exchange a few words with you about wine…
But we will not talk about technical aspects that you can find in any other article on the net.
Then what is it about?
 If you are an experienced taster or a person who likes wine, or you have just discovered wine and now you are taking your first steps in this universe…
It doesn’t matter how much you know about wine.
 We will talk about something that I am sure interests everyone regardless of their level of knowledge.
Passion that comes from knowledge.
 Many became followers of the “cult” of wine after discovering how complex this product is.
Or, are simply fascinated by the “voyage” in which a grape slowly becomes more complex.
Until it is transformed by patience, knowledge and passion into the drink long called “the nectar of the gods”.
 You see, I could talk about how wine is produced, or how it is decanted or how it is tasted, but you can find all this in many other articles.
Wouldn’t it be better if we talk about something new.
 Let me talk to you with an open heart and how beautiful it is to open some pleasant memories next to a bottle of wine.
Or have a pleasant memory of a bottle of wine.
How nice it can be to sit in a restaurant and enjoying the wine you ordered, you also enjoy the compliments from everyone else who is at the table with you, for the choice you’ve made.
How extraordinary is the poetry that produces a wine that fits perfectly with the meal and enjoying the wine it seems that you enjoy your dish even more.
 Perfect color of the wine and the shades it produces when you turn it in the glass.
How wonderful is the music of two or more glasses that collide in a toast made for friendship, made for love or for another event that you know will remain in your memory.
 How delightful it is to know that you will have a pleasant memory and that your memory will be part of the memory of your diners, gathered to celebrate life itself.
 You don’t have to be a great taster or a sommelier to enjoy a glass of wine.
You just have to want an experience that you will never forget.
 You just need the curiousity, which is in each person’s DNA, and want a new experience.
If you want, we at Vino e Sapori can “tailor” you a tailor-made experience of supreme flavors and tastes, only for you and your friends (or your family).
You will experience an extraordinary symphony of tastes, which produces a glass of wine in perfect harmony with the meal, or if you have already had other wine events, you will complete the range of experiences.
An experience (or experiences) to draw from when you feel eager for human warmth and when you want to feel the spark that ignites your senses.
Memory of a wine and the feeling of you being in a good mood.
You see the wine spinning in the glass and it seems to you that you can see its past in the vineyard.
When you take a sip and feel the wine running through your mouth, it seems to you that you are in the vineyard and that you can feel on the skin the sun’s rays that have warmed the grapes, helping it to reach full maturity.
You can almost see the grapes growing.
You can also hear the rain producing melodious music, letting the grapes rest for a while between two sunny days.
And look, the sun is rising again and you can almost see the winemaker walking through the vineyard and admiring the grapes, already knowing how is going to be the wine that he will produce.
The wine …
Isn’t it like a magic in a drink.
And when you simply say “drink”, it’s like you took from it’s spiritual value.
As in anything else, to achieve mastery you need a boundless passion.
And passion is not something material…
But it can also manifest in the real world.
Through a wine.
Where you see its perfect color, either white or red.
You enjoy a full, round taste, perfectly balanced and that leaves you tempted for another sip.
But when you take a sip of wine after a perfectly combined cuisine.
Only then you realize the passion helped by the knowledge that a man capable of producing so much perfection must have.
Perfection called Wine.
Which is in perfect agreement with the meal.
Why not have more wines, perfectly combined with more dishes?
The mastery of the winemaker who made the wine and the mastery of the Chef at Vino e Sapori, which are in perfect harmony…
Harmony of different tastes but still in perfect combination.
A supreme meeting that begins with a docile and gentle wine, which in music would have the rhythm of “piano”, slowly, passing through more wines feeling on your taste buds and more aromas with more complex bouqete, turns into a ”crescendo”.
Did I forget about the meal?
No way!
Chef at Vino e Sapori knows how to perfectly cook the right dish for the wine served.
And then YES, that you will have an extraordinary experience that you will of course want to repeat.
And we all at Vino e Sapori will be happy to help you to have an extraordinary experience.
A wine and culinary experience.
Do you want such an experience?
You can see examples of different tasting menus HERE.
I wish you only fulfillment and happiness.

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