Wine Tasting – Jelna winery hosted by italian restaurant Vino e Sapori

From Bistrița with pride to Italian restaurant Vino e Sapori
The terroir from Podgoria Lechința – Bistrița County.
Presented by sommelier Yadira Padron
Good to find you on your favorite blog!
Why is this your favorite blog?
Because we are talking about two things that are dear to you:
Good wine paired with the right dishes.
The first “ever” tasting I did with a winery from Transylvania and it was a success!
It couldn’t be otherwise because we had extraordinary wines combined with tailor-made dishes.
That is why the restaurant is called Vino e Sapori (Wine and Tastes).
Because we really know how to value wine, combining it with suitable dishes.
Jelna winery came up with wines in which I felt (and tasted) the potential of terroir.
We, at the Vino e Sapori restaurant, also contributed food to the wine pairing.
And so we enjoyed an evening full of smiles and good intentions.
What do you say: Weren’t you with us?
Didn’t manage to make a reservation?
Follow our facebook page where we put all the events.
You should know that we do wine tastings every Thursday, with different wineries and different dishes, so stay tuned !!!
And where does the magic take place?
You can find and live experiences (culinary and wine) In via Gheorghe Barițiu 0013
==> licensed to provoke (gastronomic) pleasure ?
The name of the restaurant?
Flavors… Wine and Flavors (Wine and Tastes)
Here is the menu we had:
1) Feteasca Regala

It was a surprize from the winery!
2) Next wine was Sauvignon blanc

Tasted next Bruschetta Caprese

3) Wine which followed was
Pinot noir rose ’wild yeast
A particularly intriguing rose, with its aromatic labyrinth.
Perfected by fermentation on wild yeast, it opens in notes of mint, fresh table grapes, grapefruit and strawberries.
We tasted it next to the salty tart with gruviere cheese and zucchini.

4) First red wine was Pinot Noir – Pinot bears the seal of Transylvania, like a coat of arms of purity.
Juicy, velvety and refined, it abounds in aromas of cherries and red berries.
We tasted it next to house-made tagliatelle in sos of parmigiano and peperoni.

5) The last wine was
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
The wine has been aged in new oak barrels for 8 months.
It is a wine with personality and determination that without hesitation conquers the papillae through its important and juicy body.
We tasted it next to Pork tenderloin & Spicy Sweet Potato Puree

Now you understand why everybody was in a good mood with a smile on there face?

I told you: We are licensed to cause pleasure.

If you are not afraid of intense (culinary 🙂 pleasure, we are waiting for you to make your day (or evening)!
Restaurant-Wine bar 
Vino e Sapori (Wine and tastes)) in Gheorghe Barițiu 13!

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