Wine tasting – Wine cellar Purcari

(from Moldova with pride at Vino e Sapori)
Thursday 16/07/2020 at 19
Presented by sommelier Loredan Bogdan


Do you like wine?
If the answer is “Yes”, I guess it’s useless to ask you if you like good wine :))
I hope you were with us yesterday because we also had good wine and great food.
You also know that afterwards it is inevitable that everyone feels good
and that the whole evening is full of sincere smiles and good wibe.
But what do I say?
Of course you know! You were with us!
Let’s remember together what we had yesterday and what specialties we enjoyed.
Look here:
Cuvee de Purcari alb brut

Among the most successful Romanian sparkling wines.

We tasted it simple (without food) and that’s how we started our evening.

Feteasca regala Magnus Monte Ceptura

We tasted it alongside the bruschetta with cheese.

Vinohora roze (feteasca neagra & montepulciano)

We tasted it alongside Parmigiana di mellanzane.

Negru de Ceptura – Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Feteasca neagra

We tasted it alongside HomeMAde Tagliatelle al ragu bolognese – meet souse (120 gr)

Vinohora roșu – Rara neagra, Malbec
We tasted it alongside pork tenderloin with potatoes (100gr/200gr)
Yes I know…
The evening is just over and you already miss it.
No worries!!!
We will have tastings every week, so pay attention to our facebook page.
Restaurant Vino e Sapori (Wine & Flavours) 

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