Wine Tasting – Wine cellar SERVE

A triumph of taste and positive emotions!
An evening full of smiles and good intentions.
And it couldn’t be otherwise, because we had exceptional wines!
As a surprise of the evening, we had cuvee Alexandru in the premiere before launching on the market!
And each wine was served with the right meal from our pleasure laboratory (ie our kitchen) ?
Yes, you’re right!
I’m here singing the praises, but you know perfectly well what happened because you were with us on the evening of the tasting.
What? You missed?
Sorry to here that!
It was exactly the experience that you needed!
But don’t worry.
As we reopen we will start again with the tastings and then just move quicly and reserve your place.
What’s the name of the restaurant?
Sapori… Vino e Sapori
Where is it? In Gheorghe Barițiu Street 0013 – Licensed to provoke (culinary) pleasure ?
Here is the menu we enjoyed on the evening of the tasting:
  1. Terra Romana Feteasca regala & Sauvignon

2) Terra Romana Roze

We tasted it alongside bruschetta with fish creme.

3) Vinul Cavalerului – Pinot Noir

We tasted it alongside salty tart with prosciutto

4) Terra Romana-Feteasca Neagra

We tasted it alongside the Chef’s specialty of pasta in meat sos.

5) Cuve Alexandru

We tasted it alongside the Chef specialty of pork meat.

After all these goodies, do you understand why we all was in a good mood with a smile on our faces?
I told you: We are licensed to cause pleasure.
If you are not afraid of intense (culinary 🙂 pleasure, we are waiting for you to have a good time!
Restaurant-Wine bar
Vino e Sapori (Wine and Flavours)

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