Wine tasting-Wine cellar Ville Metamorfosis 2.0

From Dealu Mare with pride to Vino e Sapori
Presented by Andrei Badulescu
Good to find you on your favorite blog!
Why is this your favorite blog?
Because we are talking about two things that are dear to you:
Good wine paired with the right dishes.
This is the second tasting we did with this winery and it was even better than the first one we did this summer.
Nobody believed, but we succeeded!
Everyone was in a good mood with good wine
and Italian food that further improved the wine.
But it must be said that the wine itself has been (and is) extraordinary,
with a price-quality ratio that is not easy to find.
I forgot:
Did you know that the Ville Metamorfosis winery has Italian know-how?
Did you know that?
O yes!
Marchese Antinori decided to make a major investment in these vineyards when she saw the potential of terror.
We, at the Vino e Sapori restaurant, also contributed food to the wine pairing.
And it was a triumph!
A triumph of taste and positive emotions!
An evening full of smiles and good intentions.
What do you say: You haven’t been to us yet?
Well, you can find us in via Gheorghe Barițiu 0013 – licensed to provoke pleasure (gastronomic) ?
The name of the restaurant?
Flavors… Come and Flavors (Wine and Tastes)
Here is the menu we had:
1) Feteasca alba&Sauvignon

Tasted alongside Bruschetta with Hummus & dried tomatoes

2) Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasted alongside the Chef’s Tart with prosciutto

3) Feteasca neagra

Tasted alongside the Chef’s pasta with Boscaiola sos


4) Cantus Primus-Feteasca Neagra

TAsted alongside the pork filet and gorgonzola sos.


5) Vin dulce alb Tamaioasa Romaneasca

Tasted alongside Apple strudel (Home MAde)

Now you do understand why we all were in a good mood with a smile on our faces?
I told you: We are licensed to cause pleasure.
If you are not afraid of intense (culinary 🙂 pleasure, we are waiting for you to have a good time!
In Gheorghe BArițiu 0013
Restaurant-Wine bar 
Vino e Sapori (Wine and Flavours)

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