Wine tasting-Wine cellar Ville Metamorfosis

Wine Tasting
Crama-Ville Metamorphosis
  (From Dealu Mare with pride to Vino e Sapori)


Do you like wine?
If the answer is “Yes”, I hope you were with us for the tasting!
It was an exceptional evening full of smiles and good wibe.
When we talk about the Ville Metamorfosis winery,
we are really talking about excellence in wine.
All wines are designed and vinified by Italian oenologist Fiorenzo Rista.
Even the Italian wine giant,
Marchesi Antinori,
they were so amazed by the potential of the land that they decided on a major investment in the vineyard in Dealu Mare.
And that’s how the Ville Metamorfosis winery was born.
Italian Know-How using grapes and Romanian land.
Indisputable excellence if it is to follow the reaction of the public!
Obviously, each wine was accompanied by the right food to enhance the importance of the wine.
Here’s what we had on the menu:
Cuvee Royal
Surprise from the house!
Sparkling wine vinified with the classic method (ie champenoise) from Marchesi Antinori.
All the centuries-old experience of Marchesi Antinori in an excellent wine.
We tasted it simple (without food).


Feteasca alba cu sauvignon blanc

We tasted it alongside Bruschetta with fish creme.

Cabernet Sauvignon
We tasted it alongside Crepe stuffed with prosciutto and smoked cheese (80gr)
Feteasca Neagra

We tasted it alongside homemade tagliatelle in Amatriciana souse 120gr

Neprica Primitivo-40% Negroamaro 30% Primitivo 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

Surprise from the house! Casa Antinori expressed all the beauty of an Italian region through wine of excellence.

We tasted it simple (without food).


Negru de Dragașani
Extraordinary and very successful wine. Only Negru de Dragașani made out of the original place of the grapes (namely Dragașani).
We served it with pork steak made in black beer sauce with potato garnish.
And so we ended the evening in beauty !!!
If you’ve been with us, you know what the wibe was.
If you haven’t had a chance, we are waiting for you another night to share good thoughts and sincere smiles.
Good Luck!!!
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