Let's Eat at Vino e Sapori

We would like to tell you that we are using a special ingredient for all our recipes from the menu, which does not cause any allergic reactions, PASSION! We will surprise you!

Let's start


  • Alto Adige Special (180g) See Foto

    17 Lei

    Italian pancakes with smoked cheese and ham

  • Crespelle Italiane (180g)

    18 Lei

    Pancakes stuffed with meat souce and mozzarella baked in owen

  • Delizia Sapori (veg) (50/100g) See Foto

    23.5 Lei

    Grilled smoked italian cheese with fresh vegetables spaghetti and basil sauce

  • Italian Poem (330g) See Foto

    43 Lei

    Mixed plateau of italian special cheese and salami, dried fruits and homemade marmelade

  • Classic bruschetta (150g) See Foto

    11 Lei

    Bruschetta with tomatoes and garlic

  • Mediterranean bruschetta (100g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Olives cream and dried tomatoes bruschetta

  • Caprese bruschetta (veg.) (150g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Tomato and mozzarella bruschetta

  • Bruschetta Siciliana (100g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Olives crème and dried eggplant in oil

  • Bruschetta Napoli (100g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Tomatoes and anchovy

  • Pane e Aglio (100g) See Foto

    7 Lei

    Garlic bread

  • Cheeseburger (250/200g) See Foto

    32 Lei

    beef meat, smoked cheese, salad, red onion, potatoes, cocktail sauce

  • Hamburgher (250/200gr) See Foto

    32 Lei

    Beef meat,smoked cheese, salad, red onion, house marmelade of green tomatoes, potatoes


Fresh and Healthy


  • Seasonal salad (180g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Mixed seasonal vegetables

  • Salata Caprese (veg) (300g) See Foto

    29 Lei

    Mozzarella and tomato salad

  • Tuna salad (330g) See Foto

    26 Lei

    Tuna, mozzarella, salad, tomatoes, onion

  • Spicy olives (100g) See Foto

    11 Lei

    Olive, oregan, extravirgin oil

  • Italian Love (330g) See Foto

    29 Lei

    Chicken salad with caesar sauce

Hot & good


  • Mushrooms cream soup (330g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Cream soup with mushrooms

  • Minestrone (250g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Healthy vegetable soup

We made it (hope you like it)


  • Ragu Bolognesse (330g) See Foto

    27 Lei

    Meet sauce, parmigiano

  • Truffled mushrooms (290g) See Foto

    29 Lei

    Mushrooms mix, truffle cream

  • Tagliatele with shrimps and almonds (280g)

    36.5 Lei

  • Earth's essence (390g) See Foto

    46 Lei

    Beef steak, mushrooms, white sauce

  • All Amatriciana (330g) See Foto

    27 Lei

    Spicy Italian ham with red sauce & parmigiano

  • Spaghetti Carbonara (290g) See Foto

    26 Lei

    Spaghetti egg, italian ham, parmigiano

  • Pasta casei

    For price and recipe, please ask

  • Ragu con cinghiale

    39 Lei

    Wild boar souce, condiments


Pasta & Rice

Oldies but Goldies

  • Risotto alla Milanese (280g) See Foto

    35 Lei

    Rice, saffron, parmigiano, butter

  • Penne formaggi (330g) See Foto

    26 Lei

    Pasta & cheese mix with nuts

  • Lasagna (330g) See Foto

    37 Lei

    Ragu sauce, bechamel, parmigiano, lasagna pasta

  • Spaghetti di mare (330g) See Foto

    39 Lei

    Spaghetti with shrimps, squid, mussels

  • Spectacolo di mare e orto (480g) See Foto

    46 Lei

    Spaghetti with seafood and mussels with seasonal vegetables easily spiced

  • Penne with vegetables (veg) (270g)

    24 Lei

    Peppers with mixed seasonal vegetables and basil pesto, spices

  • Penne speck, mushroom and white sauce (280g)

    29 Lei

    Penne with Italian speck and mushrooms in bechamel sauce

From the sea

Fish & Seafood

  • Filetto di tonno (180g)

    58 Lei

    Grilled tuna , rice & zucchini

  • Salmon Fillet (180g) See Foto

    53 Lei

    Salmon, asparagus, rice & vegetables

  • Gamberetti felici (150g)See Foto

    33 Lei

    Shrimps fried in butter, salad

  • Big calamari tentacles fried in butter (280g) See Foto

    29,5 Lei

    Big squid tentacles with potatoes

  • Seafood plateau (450g) See Foto

    62 Lei

    For the sea plateau ask the waiter

Eat at Vino e Sapori

Main Dish

  • Filetto Toscana (150/180g) See Foto

    37 Lei

    Pork tenderloin with smoked potatoes and pepper sauce

  • Filetto di vitello (180g/140g) See Foto

    58.5 Lei

    Beef steak and potatoes fume

  • Pollo alla Parmigiana (200g/200g) See Foto

    28 Lei

    Fried chicken breast with red sauce, parmigiano & mozzarella

  • Polpettone (Great Tasty!!!) (220g/200g) See Foto

    29,5 Lei

    Roled shaped meat of pork & beef with potatoes... Bella Italia

  • Saltimbocca Sapori (140 gr/ 170 gr)

    32 Lei

Sweet finish

Proudly homemade


  • Tiramisu (150g) See Foto

    15 Lei
  • Tortino al ciocolate (180g) See Foto

    19 Lei
  • Cheesecake (150g) See Foto

    19 Lei
  • Apple pie (150g)

    15 Lei

Gelato / Home made ice cream

Served with fresh cream

  • Coppa baby (100g) See Foto

    9 Lei
  • Coppa affogato (150g) See Foto

    12 Lei

    Homemade ice cream with coffe

  • Coppa Sapori (200g) See Foto

    18 Lei

    Vanilla ice cream, chocolate, baileys liqueur

  • Coppa Amaretto (220g) See Foto

    18 Lei

    Vanilla ice cream, amaretti biscuits and amaretto liqueur

  • Coppa di bosco (220g) See Foto

    16 Lei

    Vanilla ice cream, blueberry jam

  • Gelato misto (220g) See Foto

    18 Lei

    Homemade vanilla and choccolate ice cream

  • Coppa cioccolata (220g) See Foto

    18 Lei

    Choccolate homemade ice cream with cream